At Actinver we would like you to know the products and services we offer that will help you achieve your financial objectives.

Investment Funds:
We have strategic alliances that opens the door to the world of investments. Some of our funds results* last year include the following:

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Robotik: 49.58%
Invest in future technology development. 


Esfera: 30.76%
Identifies companies with strong growth potential.


Acti500: 22.08%
It replicates the S&P500 index.


Salud: 22.36%
Invests in companies involved in health care. 


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Remember we can manage your assets around the world with services such as:

  • Digital Banking with online service payments
  • Interoperability with foreign banks
  • U.S account with Actinver Securities
  • Highly Competitive Exchange Rates



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*Returns are in mexican pesos accumulated year to date up until december 2020. Series B3 for Robotik and series reference for other fundis, serie B. Consult details of our funds, returns, prices and reports at Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Our funds are supervised and regulated by the National Banking Securities Commission (CNBV). The information contained in this document does not represent an investment recommendation or suggestion, it is reference only. Consulta más información sobre nuestras opciones de inversión en